Parties with a Purpose

Building community and helping our school.

To learn more about this, or find ideas for your party, check out our FAQ here.
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What is a Party with a Purpose?
We are putting together a collection of parties and events hosted by parents, alumni, or teachers. These events give members of our community the opportunity to spend time together while raising funds for our school—supporting scholarships, teachers, and programs.

What does it mean to be a host?
Party hosts are responsible for planning and paying for the event they are hosting. You can join together with friends to share costs or responsibilities or sponsor a teacher willing to host students for a special activity. We’re also happy to help brainstorm ideas or connect you with other people who may want to co-host with you.

What kind of parties are you looking for?
We hope to have a wide variety of unique parties! Parties can be parents-only events, kidcentric, or fun for the whole family. Click here for a non-exhaustive list of party ideas for inspiration.

More questions?
Read our FAQ here or email our Parties with a Purpose co-chair, Guillemette Brouillat-Spiegel (Seth, 2 Blue) ( or the Advancement Office (