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Clubs + Leadership

We don't offer a big selection of clubs to join. Our students do.

There’s a wide variety of clubs at French American + International–over 40 at last count. And the people responsible for them are the students themselves. Students create the club, write the mission, develop goals, promote membership, lead meetings, and organize events.

The result is a fun, highly-active club scene with opportunities like our student-run radio station serving up news and music; activism clubs that raise awareness and take action around pressing issues; special interest clubs where bonding occurs over watching films, making baked goods, hiking, and gardening; and scholarly-minded clubs such as math, politics, and tutoring. Clubs are also responsible for some of our strongest traditions, like Songs for Senegal, our annual fundraising event for our sister school, Ecole Natangue.

Whatever students are passionate about, there’s likely a club to serve it. And if not? Then it might be time to start that next club.

Leadership Opportunities

Student Council

The Student Council of International High School is a democratically elected association that represents and strengthens the student body. It strives to establish strong connections and effective means of communication in the community, while maintaining the students’ best interests as a priority. The International High School student body is committed to the following ideals:

  • Be a supportive community that accepts diversity
  • Respect people’s property and look out for each other
  • Become more aware and responsible of the environment
  • Be a true community that monitors and takes ownership of its actions

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

SAAC members kick of the year with an off-campus retreat where they learn leadership skills.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is comprised of student-athletes representing each of the athletic teams. The SAAC’s roles are to: promote communication between athletics administration and student-athletes, generate a student-athlete voice within the campus athletics department, build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletics teams, organize community service efforts, and promote a positive student-athlete image on campus.

Specifically, SAAC was formed to:

  • Strive to develop champions for life through leadership, school involvement, academic support, and community outreach;
  • Establish and maintain open channels of communication with all student-athletes and administration in order to appropriately address any issues of concern relevant to student-athletes;
  • Develop and promote an environment that is inclusive and respectful of diverse cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles;
  • Organize community service and outreach projects and coordinate student-athlete involvement in those events; and
  • Provide student-athletes the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the school and Jaguar community as a whole in the hope that they will use their athletic abilities to enhance the lives of others as well as themselves.

SAAC has two representatives from each of the 13 varsity teams. The Council meets the first and third Monday of each month, at noon, in the Performance Lab. At the meetings, representatives discuss matters affecting student-athlete life and welfare, learn more about NCS and Conference rules, and plan events. The Director of Athletics and Dean of Students serve as Advisor to the Council.

  • 1st Monday: Student-Athletes & Athletic Department
  • 3rd Monday: Student-Athlete Academic Advisor, Student-Athletes & Athletic Department

All student-athletes are welcome to attend Council meetings and should contact a representative with interest or inquiries.

Model United Nations

At a recent MUN Conference, over 20 students received awards for their efforts.

Many of our students choose to participate in Model United Nations (MUN). These students work hard to research the countries they represent and to write position papers in preparation of the conferences they attend.

Affinity Groups

Our students, across many different social identifiers, crave spaces where they see themselves in others who identify similarly; we refer to these spaces as Affinity Groups. These spaces are about validation, personal and intra-group growth and consciousness. They are about sharing, asking questions, and finding the support to understand the various ways in which we can help ourselves and others. We currently have following student-led Affinity Groups

  • Asian Student Union 
  • Black Student Union
  • Gender & Sexuality Alliance
  • Latinx Student Union
  • Women of Color Collective

Diversity Councils

Developing student leadership in the areas of diversity and inclusion has taken the form of diversity councils in the Middle School and High School. Both councils lead assemblies and various initiatives throughout the year—lunch-and-learn movie screenings, the curation of diversity-themed displays in the hallways, discussion club activities and, in the High School, student-led Advisory sessions. 

Community Service Steering Committee

The Community Service Steering Committee, made up of 8 students from different grades, is responsible for encouraging and organizing student involvement in community service activities and projects. They are assisted by CAT (Community-Service Action Team) advisory representatives who make announcements in advisory, attend the monthly CAT meetings, and help with grassroots organizing and school-wide service projects

Literary Magazine

The Inkwell is International's student-run literary and arts magazine. The magazine accepts a variety of works such as creative writing, poems, lyrics, and musical scores, artwork, photography, comics, biographies, book reviews, commentaries, essays, and anything else that expresses creativity. Submissions in languages other than English are also welcome. 


TEDxYouth@FAIHS seeks to inspire our school's community and the larger Bay Area community by promoting conversation about relevant concepts, paradoxes, and issues. We provide an opportunity for students to voice their ideas to a larger audience in an environment which encourages discussion and debate.

...to name a few:

Animal Rights Club
Anime Club
Asian Student Union
American Sign Language Club
Bake 4 Lives
Battle of the Bands
Bike to School Club 
Black Student Union
CAT Club
Chess Club
Design Club
Exposer Student Newspaper
Foreign Film Club
Garden Club
Gender & Sexuality Alliance
Girls Chorus
Happiness Club
Hiking Club
Slavic Culture Club
The Inkwell Literary
International Radio Station
Jewish Club
Mixed Media Club
Model UN
Peer Counseling 
Politics Club
Project Middle East
Reading Buddies
Russian Heritage Club
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Sustainable Development Club
Yearbook Club