Global Travel

We are called International for a reason.

Every year, our students have the opportunity to participate in unforgettable trips all over the globe. These unforgettable experiences, inextricably shared yet deeply personal, are full of transformative learning moments that truly embody our school’s mission and values. 

Each destination has a specific theme and focus—athletic, linguistic, or scientific—but all have a cultural and service learning dimension. They provide extraordinary opportunities to enhance our students' globally-focused education outside the classroom and enrich their linguistic proficiency.

The trips abroad take place during the academic year and last about two weeks each.

2019-2020 High School Trips

India, 2019

Vietnam, 2018

India, 2017

Senegal, 2018

Kyrgyzstan, 2019

Tahiti, 2018

Malawi, 2017

Vietnam, 2018

India, 2012

China and Tibet, 2019

Vietnam, 2018

Senegal, 2016

India, 2017

Thailand, 2018

Thailand, 2018

Thailand, 2018

Peru, 2016

China, 2018

Cuba, 2017

Galapagos, 2015

Dominican Republic, 2017