Parent Association

Get involved, however works best for you.

All parents are part of our Parent Association, and can choose from many different roles with varying levels of commitment. There are many opportunities: parents can chaperone a field trip, lead admissions tours, or chair a fundraising event, to name a few. Getting involved in the school fosters friendships and creates a vibrant community for our families. 

Statement of Purpose: The Parent Association is a volunteer organization that supports French American International School and International High School in the education of our children by working collaboratively with school leadership to engage parents and promote community, cooperation, and involvement.

We thank our many parent volunteers for the time, talent, and energy they share so generously with our school. A strong, collaborative relationship between parents and school administration helps us accomplish our shared goals and create a positive community experience, and we encourage every parent to deepen their connection with our school by volunteering. To learn more about how you can get involved, please reach out to a Parent Association representative, fill out the 2023-2024 Volunteer Survey, or contact the Advancement Office.

2023-2024 Parent Association

PA Executive Committee

Felicity Singleton
Helene Labriet-Gross

Secretary: Gordon Francis
Treasurer: Richard Kim
Communications Officer: Matt Hicks
Volunteer Coordinator: Chiefo Chukwudebe
Section Vice Presidents
High School: Kate Marple
Middle School: Aida Hadzibegovic
Lower School: Pelin Cinar
Maternelle: Hugo Bernardo
Parent Association Executive Committee 2023-2024

Parent Association Executive Committee 2023-2024

Grade Representatives:
PreK3: Ayalew Doyo
PreK4: Ana Barahona
Kindergarten: Margaret DesGaines
Grade 1: Meyeon Park
Grade 2: Melanie Mitchell
Grade 3: Peter Eliassen
Grade 4: Melanie Kushnir-Pappalardo
Grade 5: Midei Toriyama
Grade 6: Jackie Fix 
Grade 7: Sanae Nakagawa
Grade 8: Jackie Ortega
Grade 9: Jessica Bradshaw and Katie Bowman
Grade 10: Juliet Kelley
Grade 11: Hannah Denmark
Grade 12: Elizabeth de Bord