Faculty Master Class 2024

Faculty Master Class sessions are free and open to all French American and International parents, guardians, faculty, and staff. The spring session will be held on February 6 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. with food and drinks before and after in the 6th Floor Library! Doors open at 5:45. 

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Faculty Master Class Series

February 6, 2024

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

6th Floor Library - Oak Campus

All French American and International parents and guardians are invited to join us for an evening of Faculty Master Classes. These faculty-led seminars and workshops give attendees the opportunity to interact with our teachers as they share their areas of expertise and interest. The 45-minute seminars and workshops are bookended by conversation over food and drink. We hope to see you there!

Spring 2023 Master Class Sessions 

Practical Ergonomics for a Human Centered World
Presented by Amy Warner, Design Tech teacher
In this introductory workshop we will explore the foundations of user centered design, the limitations of established design and manufacturing norms and, through a hands-on practical activity, explore the potential benefits of modern material engineering to meet the needs of all users. Each participant will produce a bespoke product using polymorph in order to make adaptive changes to an existing product that will be theirs to take home.

First Drafts Can Be Fun, I Promise
Presented by Katie Hunter, English teacher
Have you always wanted to write about an experience (or two) that changed your life? Whether you're a new memoirist or have put pen to paper in the past, this course will help you generate ideas and first drafts of personal narrative through a series of freewrites, shares, and short readings.

Beyond the Postcard: Understanding the Biodiversity of the Bay Area
Presented by Angela Wesley, Biology teacher 
In “Beyond the Postcard,” we will take a deep dive into the biodiversity hotspot of the Bay Area. Why is this region known for its biodiversity? What does the fauna and flora here look like? What makes it unique? How can we help in its conservation?

How to Communicate in Any New Language
Presented by Rahaf Abuobeid, Modern Languages teacher
In this workshop we will explore how to learn and speak any new language effectively. Many of us learned a second language at school and graduated saying "Yeah I think I know how to speak this language a little." In this engaging workshop, you will learn habits and strategies for language learning that actually work. We will experiment with a variety of languages and explore how our perspectives about learning new languages may shift. And yes, you might walk away with an increased working knowledge of a few new languages!

“Anecdote of the Squid,” and Other Actual Poems
Presented by Kirsten Tranter, Upper School English teacher
What makes "good" poetry? What makes poetry fun? What might you expect from an actual poem titled "Anecdote of the Squid"? In this class we will challenge conventional ideas about good and bad poetry and create some poetry designed to be enjoyable, creative, collaborative, and unconstrained by rules.

And the Most Iconic Parisian Monument is ...??
Presented by Laurence Hills, French teacher 
In this seminar, we will discover the reactions of contemporary artists to our beloved Eiffel Tower. We will study poetry and paintings, but we will start with ... the infamous petition!

Faculty Master Class sessions are free and open to all French American and International parents, guardians, faculty, and staff.