Faculty Master Class

Faculty Master Class sessions are free and open to all French American + International parents, guardians, faculty, and staff. The winter session was held on January 24; check back for our Spring Series this April/May!

Faculty Master Class Series

Spring session date TBD

All French American + International parents and guardians are invited to join us for our new Faculty Master Class series. First hosted in January 2023, this new series is an evening of faculty-led seminars and workshops that gives attendees the opportunity to interact with our teachers as they share in their areas of expertise and interest. The 45-minute seminars and workshops are bookended by conversation over food and drink in the Theater lobby. More about the Winter Series seminars and workshops are below—we hope to see you at our Spring session! 


Winter 2023 Master Class Sessions 

First Drafts Can be Fun, I Promise: A Crash Course in Personal Narrative Writing
Presented by Katie Hunter, Middle School English teacher
Have you always wanted to write about an experience (or two) that changed your life? Whether you're a new memoirist or have put pen to paper in the past, this course will help you generate ideas and first drafts of personal narrative through a series of freewrites, shares, and short readings.

The Brain & the Human Predicament (Perspectives on Neuroscience)
Presented by Andrew Brown, Theory of Knowledge and Biology teacher
A vividly illustrated seminar on the brain and the human predicament. Neuroscience is in its infancy but it provides some tantalizing glimpses into what it means to be a finite, capable and fallible, embodied, culturally embedded, epistemically hungry, very smart ape.

The Waste Age
Presented by Amy Warner, Upper School Design Technology teacher
In his introduction to the London Design Museum's 2021 exhibition "Waste Age," writer and curator Justin McGuirk posited that we have moved beyond the materials ages—Iron Age, Stone Age, Steam Age—and are now living in the Waste Age. This course will be a hands-on, practical discussion exploring material futures and how we can aim to reduce waste by viewing it as new raw material.

Understanding the 30 Glorious Years (1945-1975) through Song
Presented by Mouna Harifi, Upper School Humanities teacher
A fun, relaxed way to explore French society after WWII from 1945-1975. We will listen to songs by famous artists (Barbara, Brel, Brassens, Johnny Halliday, Veronique Samson, Renaud, Idir), and discuss how they reflected—and also sometimes created—broader changes in French Society during this era.

Silhouettes Through the Ages
Presented by Barbara Bandy, Upper School Stage Craft teacher
An experienced designer takes you through an overview of fashion through the ages, then shows you tricks and tactics of the quick transformation of modern clothing into period masterpieces.

Faculty Master Class sessions are free and open to all French American + International parents, guardians, faculty, and staff.