Community Events

Connect, learn and celebrate with us.

There's always something going on at French American + International. Below are a few of our favorites that serve our parents, alumni, and broader school community.

Welcome Events

New families quickly begin to feel at home at our school because we make it easy for parents and students to get to know one another. We offer a series of welcome events and orientations that begin in late spring, allowing families to build connections within our community before the new school year begins. When it does, we hold a schoolwide Back-to-School Picnic every August prior to the first day of school, and host events throughout the year that allow parents, students, faculty members, and extended family to mix, mingle, and connect with our community.

Community Salon Series

At our Salons, our community gathers to share and discover. Each Salon has a thought-provoking theme, such bio-technology, political engagement, or intellectual property. These free community events include food and drink, are part of our wider Urban Engagement Program, and feature members of our parent community who share their expertise and spearhead conversation.

Parent Education

Not only do we support our students throughout their entire educational journey, we support our parents as well. Across school divisions, we offer a number of opportunities for parents to learn in support of the well-being of their child. Through sessions and workshops with specialists both internal and external to our school, we provide parents with the chance to learn new skills, try new approaches, and talk with fellow parents about shared experiences.

Parents of Students of Color (PoSoC) Meetings

A part of our Parent Education offerings, PoSoC is an affinity space devoted to parents and adult allies in our community who support students of color and their families. During monthly PoSoC meetings, parents work through a thoughtful curriculum designed by our Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Members reflect, learn, and discuss salient issues that impact the learning, well-being, and resilience of underrepresented groups in our community. Read more about how we value Diversity and Inclusion.

Principal's Coffee

Every month, parents and principals grab coffee together and touch base about community news. Have a question or a story to share? We look forward to seeing you at our next Principal's Coffee.

Annual Auction

Our 2023 Annual Auction at the Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Saturday April 1 was an incredible success, thank you to everyone in our community.
Join us for this year's Annual Auction on March 23 at the Westin St. Francis San Francisco!

Service Days

Throughout the year, our parents have multiple opportunities to get together to volunteer, including at our school-wide Days of Service organized as part of our Urban Engagement Program.