If you think our school is impressive, you should meet our community.

Everyday, we welcome nearly 1,100 students to our school. But students attending classes is merely one part of the French American + International experience. Awaiting our families is a community – one that brings together people from many backgrounds, cultures, and countries. Our community invites engagement, offers support, and fosters partnership with the school and, equally important, with each other. Our vibrant school culture is as much about smart, interesting people and their values as the renown curriculum itself.

From the outset, parents meet kindred spirits and, like their children, build lifelong friendships around the French American + International experience. Whether its arranging a Friday night movie for students and families with the Parent Association or engaging in eye-opening conversations at our Salon Series, there are variety of opportunities for parents to get involved with school life and become a part of our mission-driven programs.

Our families come from across the world and across the Bay Area.

Our families represent the following 46 countries: 

Algeria ▪ Australia ▪ Belgium ▪ Brazil ▪ Canada ▪ China ▪ Denmark ▪ Egypt ▪ Estonia ▪ Finland ▪ France ▪ Germany ▪ Greece ▪ Guatemala ▪ Hong Kong ▪ India ▪ Iran ▪ Ireland ▪ Israel ▪ Italy ▪ Jamaica ▪ Japan ▪ Korea ▪ Lebanon ▪ Mexico ▪ Morocco ▪ Netherlands ▪ New Zealand ▪ Nicaragua ▪ Nigeria ▪ Palestine ▪ Philippines ▪ Poland ▪ Russia ▪ Senegal ▪ Serbia ▪ Singapore ▪ Slovakia ▪ Sweden ▪ Switzerland ▪ Thailand ▪ Turkey ▪ Ukraine ▪ United Kingdom ▪ Uruguay ▪ Vietnam ▪

Our families live in just about every San Francisco neighborhood and major Bay Area community.

We are: