Lower School

We encourage all students to participate in athletics.

In the Lower School years, team-centric sports activities are run by parent volunteers and coordinated through all grades by the Lower School Parent Athletic Committee, a volunteer organization at French American International School. Our objectives are both to facilitate the formation and smooth running of independent, volunteer-run sports teams in city-wide leagues, and to organize French American-centric sports events. 

At the lower school level, it is often recreational (non-competitive) with an opportunity to play on more competitive teams in Grades 3, 4 and 5. It is a fun, healthy and enjoyable experience for children and their classmates.


In the Lower School, the typical school year will unfold into the following seasons:

Fall Season

  • Soccer season for Grade 5 boys playing on a French American team (part of the larger Middle School program)
  • Soccer season #1 (PK4 - Grade 1: Vikings Microsoccer; Grade 2 - 5: Vikings; and Grades 4 - 5: Viking Upper House)


  • Basketball season in the Winter (Grades K-4 in either the Presidio YMCA or JCC leagues, Grades 5 boys and girls through the French American teams)
  • Soccer season for Grade 5 grade girls playing on a French American team (part of the larger Middle School program)
  • Futsal (SF Recreation and Park Jose Coronado League for Grades K - 5).
  • Soccer season #2 in the Spring (PK4 - Grade 1: Vikings Microsoccer; Grade 2 - 5: SFPAL; and Grades 4 - 5: Viking Upper House)


  • Basketball season for Grade 5 girls playing on a French American team (part of the larger Middle School program)
  • Baseball season in the Spring (SF Little League)

Sports Clinics

View sports clinics and register.

French American Sport Clinics are designed to help strengthen skill set sand foster a greater love for sport. We offer clinics in basketball, baseball,  soccer, and volleyball. From the beginner to the more experienced, we look to develop your fundamental and technical skills, competitive mindset, leadership capabilities along with your overall understanding of the game. 

Space is limited to 25 student-athletes per session and pre-payment is required. For all clinics, spaces are reserved for students of French American and Chinese American in Grades 3 - 8.

The off-season is a vital time for skill development in any sport. During this period, players can focus specifically on their individual skills and see great improvement as a result of the time invested. In our clinics, players will learn the fundamentals of each sport before advancing to more advanced techniques, team concepts, leadership skills and more.


San Francisco has a remarkable wealth of volunteer- and city-run sports programs, and many lower school sports are coordinated through these leagues. As you will find while your child evolves from Grades PreK3 through 5, French American parents typically organize a variety of teams such as soccer, basketball, T-ball, etc., so that their children can play with their classmates, often entering as a team in city-wide leagues. These teams are built and organized by and with volunteer parent-coaches and managers. They are formed as early as Pre-K and can last all the way to, and sometimes through, Middle School, when French American forms school-based teams.

Here are the leagues in which French American participates:

Competitive Teams

Besides the French American-based teams, a number of athletes participate on competitive teams (soccer, basketball, swimming, and lacrosse). For more information, please contact frenchamericansports@gmail.com.

After-School Soccer Program

The school offers an after-school soccer program that complements coaching that your child would receive on a team, and also provides the soccer experience to students who are unable to play on a soccer team. Please see the After-School page for more information.