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Coach Mario Rossetti grew up in the Bay Area and has spent the last 10 years working in the youth sports industry throughout the peninsula.  He obtained a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from San Francisco University. Coming from an Argentine family, soccer has always been a huge passion for Mario.  “I’ve been around soccer my entire life, playing since I was four and played ODP Regional Team, Varsity Soccer in HS and Gold/Premier Club Soccer”. Most recently, Mario has been serving as the Executive Director for a youth soccer organization called United Soccer Coaching (USC), where he managed club programs for many competitive organizations. In his role as Executive Director, Mario educated and supported all of the coaching staff,  ensuring staff was prepared to run their training sessions and facilitate a winning mentality. Behind the scenes, he helped organize the logistics of USC’s program.

Coach Rossetti coached multiple competitive teams winning the 2016 & 2017 State Cups with his U18 and U17 teams, respectively. In the high school soccer world, Coach earned several Central Coast Section appearances, competing in CCS finals with his teams at Menlo School and Aragon High School Varsity Soccer programs.   

Being important to Mario, he continued his education by obtaining multiple coaching licenses, while working with soccer professionals from all over the world.  His favorite experience was playing in Argentina, while taking coaching courses, learning from great educators in South America.

In addition to working with United Soccer Coaching, Mario has been involved with multiple schools and Physical Education organizations, developing curriculum, while teaching and overseeing their classes. Coach Rossetti’s number one priority is making sure that each student-athlete is being given the tools necessary to succeed. His players would describe him as supportive, open, passionate and driven to succeed.  

License & Qualifications:
NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
US Soccer Federation C License
ACF Fiorentina Method Basic & Advanced courses
FC Barcelona Positional Play Methodology
La Liga Formation Methodology
NSCAA Goalkeeping Level 1,2
Frans Hoek Goalkeeper Course / Hoek Method Stage 3
Mary Kok Willemsen - Female Coaching Education
SL Benfica Game Model / Scout Focus



Coach Eddie moved to San Francisco 20 years ago from San Diego by way of Salt Lake City, Utah.  He has been a goalkeeper coach for 10 years, when started because his son was asked to play keeper at an early age.  At the time, plenty trainer/coaches for field players were available, but keepers were the afterthought.  Coaches believed they could give keepers minimal training or instructions and they would obtain desired results. 

Coach Eddie decided to begin his involvement with soccer by focusing on training keepers.  He furthered his knowledge by obtaining US Soccer Licenses F, E along with a Goalkeeping Certificate, and is currently a National D License and National Goalkeeping License.

Around 2006, Soccer in San Francisco was a very divided world.   Kids who lived in the Mission or surrounding neighborhoods played for a Latin Team, like Eddie’s son.  Those who lived elsewhere in the City played for San Francisco Youth Soccer.  Coach Williams was instrumental amongst others in merging two teams from different Youth Soccer Leagues.  A team from the Mission District, Chivas, with a team from San Francisco Youth Soccer called The Hook into two teams.  This is how Santos & Santos Academy originated.  It became a model in uniting different talent from multiple ethnicities, which was more of a true representation of San Francisco.  One team was specifically a development team, and the second was our competitive team, competing at the highest level. 

Coach Eddie’s dedication and persistence has been positively showing, but, specifically, this past summer he was able to see how hard work, determination, and dedication to the sport paid off for three players.  They are currently playing Division One Soccer.  One happens to be his son, who walked on as a sophomore and made the roster as a D1 keeper at University of Pacific.  Zander didn’t follow the Academy route, he opted to play for his local team and continued training hard to be where he is today. 

Eddie has been married for 30 years, and currently lives in the Mission District, and I have a son named Alexander (Zander). In his free time, Coach continues to work with various teams in San Francisco by training their keepers.  “When not on the pitch training, I’m watching football matches, studying training films that help me understand the game more, and give valuable information learned to my players.  My favorite National Team is Portugal (força!).  I also support West Ham United. I have truly enjoyed the last four years at International and I look forward to more.  Go Jags! Believe and Achieve…. COYI!”


Tessa began her soccer career at five years old and the sport became an integral part of her life ever since. She played for club teams in the Bay area as well as her high school team and also played for Hamilton College before pursuing rugby as her new team sport. 

In her adult life, Tessa has joined a few recreational teams and coached high school, middle school and elementary school soccer. She also took a group of soccer players to Malawi as part of the Global Travel Program two years in a row to incorporate the students’ love for soccer with community service and a new global perspective. 

Tessa believes that one of the most valuable parts of being on a soccer team is to learn how to work with others and create a supportive environment. In addition, soccer is also one of the few universal sports that is played and watched all over the world. The love for the game can transpire many boundaries and bring groups of people from very different backgrounds together.


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