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Coach Thomas brings a passion and love for the game that he looks forward to sharing with the 2019 Jaguars. Coach Thomas is a former D-1 baseball player who possesses the experience and the skills necessary to educate the young athletes on the “right way” to play the game. He rejoins the Jaguar Family and the Bay Area community, after a 3 year hiatus. Coach Thomas lead the Varsity Baseball squad from 2012-2015.

My philosophy believes that with a little bit of talent, a lot of hard work, and commitment there is no limit to what can be accomplished in the game of baseball -- and more importantly in the game of life.

I am not much of a yeller nor do I belittle my players. I encourage all players to be themselves. If you are a vocal person, be vocal, if you’re a joker, be a joker, if quiet, then you don’t have to speak much… However, my expectations are very high I require complete concentration and maximum effort from each player. My practices are orchestrated, fun and lively. I never get on players for physical errors or mistakes that are part of the game, but I am not easy on mental errors or lack of effort issues.

It will take a large portion of the season to put our system into place and for me to learn how to maximize the team’s assets and how to best disguise our liabilities. Our goal is that everyone works as hard as they can throughout the season and we should see significant progress reaching our peak at season’s end.

Effort and attitude are more important to me than talent. Players that work the hardest and that have the best attitude will be rewarded on the field. I believe in building the team into a cohesive unit. Team chemistry is the most important thing a team can have. Those that do not put the team’s interest before their own will not play. Those that do not treat their teammates, coaches, opponents and umpires with respect will not play. The game has been played for over 100 years and I expect we will treat it with respect.

When we lose, we will do so with grace. And yes, we will lose. A lot can come from taking a loss. If you never lose you are not challenging yourself enough, but we will make sure the losses hurt and make us stronger.

When we win, we will do so with class. We will be driven by a strong desire to win, but our wins will come only as a result of talent and hard work; we will never take shortcuts or employ a win-at-all-cost attitude. That said, we will be the most fundamentally sound and most aggressive team in the league.

I am extremely excited to get out there … Go Jags


From Upstate NY, lettered in both Baseball & Football at Schuylerville HS. Graduated from the University at Buffalo, played travel Baseball and Semi-Pro Football. Coached at Mission HS, Archbishop Riordan, and International since 2014. Coach Mike Krzyzewski is an influence and his philosophical approach on preparing his student-athletes for life after the game.


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