Arts Conservatory

The Arts Conservatory offers after-school 1-1 instrumental and vocal lessons, virtually through Zoom at least until the end of the school year, and in collaboration with the SF Conservatory of Music:
Voice - Guitar - Ukulele - Electric Bass
Violin - Viola - Cello - Double Bass - Harp
Flute - Clarinet - Oboe - Saxophone - Bassoon
Trumpet - Trombone - French Horn - Trombone
Piano (Classical) - Piano (Jazz) - Drums - Percussion
Music Technology - Composition - Music Theory / Analysis
1-1 lessons 
  • 1-1 lessons are 30 mins (grades 1-5) and 60 mins (grades 6-12) and scheduled by Sean Donaldson
  • Lessons are prepaid in blocks of 5, costing $240 for 5 30-min lessons (grades 1-5) or $480 for 5 60-min lessons (grades 6-12), payable via UltraCamp.
  • Parents/students register through a Google Form where we will schedule in order of availability. 
  • Lessons are also open to parents, faculty and staff with the same fee structure and registration.
Program Details
  • Our teachers are passionate and experienced teachers and musicians who will mentor and inspire your son/daughter to pursue a love of music and performance. We are lucky to have such a great team.
  • We will provide a recurring Zoom link per teacher if you would like to sit in on initial lessons etc.
  • Lesson consistency is important for students to develop their skills and understanding, as is their commitment to that devoted time and sufficient practice time between sessions. Students should not schedule other appointments at the time of their lesson.
  • In the event of absence, parents should notify Séan Donaldon and the conservatory teacher 24 hours in advance of the lesson where you will not be charged for the lesson. In this situation, the conservatory teacher will aim to provide a makeup opportunity although this can be tricky to align schedules etc.
  • We have a relationship with Union Music (1710 Market St.) who can help with instrument rentals and/or maintenance and music books.
  • For this program, there will be three Conservatory Concerts per year in Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each student enrolled in the Conservatory Program is invited to perform at one of these concerts per year which will be coordinated with the teacher.
Sign Up
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Key Contacts 
For any questions regarding the Arts Conservatory, please reach out:
Michelle Haner
Head of Creative and Performing Arts 
(347) 520-2523
The primary contact for musical questions, initial allocation and scheduling with teachers, student and parental feedback, Conservatory concerts.
Sean Donaldson
Director of Extended Day
(415) 558-2037
The primary contact for ongoing scheduling, changes, attendance,  chaperoning students in grades 1-8 to their lesson, logistical questions.