40 Years of Back à Dos

Celebrating 40 years of Back à Dos!

Forty years ago, in 1979-80, nudged by her daughter Margaret (then a student at the school), Martha Stookey directed a first show, which would become the foundation of a new theater program at French American + International. From this came additional productions, and then a few years later, a series of one acts, some in English some in French, performed “Back to Back”… Well, in keeping with our French American origins, they were performed “Back à Dos” (leading to the current name of our company).

The First Back à Dos Company and Production

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary, we invited students, faculty, and alumni to share memories and art, in the form of texts, poems and songs. Enjoy their tributes, memories, and artistic offerings! 

Amy Munz '08
Lauren Tennenbaum '08
Genie and Marie Carter '10
Ansley Echols, Megan Ogburn, Alice Kessler, Madeline McGrath '15
Casey Schryer '17
Marc Hills '14
Sophie Carpenter '17
Wes Lieberman '20
Alex Ridley '20
William '21
Michelle Haner
Loretta Duncan
Brad Cooreman
Franck Bessone
David Williamson
Laurence Hills
Tribute to Martha Stookey