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Que d'espoir!

Join us for two special nights where the class of Terminal option Théâtre will present a cabaret from the text of Que d'espoir! written by Hanock Levin, an israeli author and poet and translated by Laurence Sendrowicz.
The both representations will happen on Crowdcast and will last for about an hour.

Click directly on your desired date(s) below to reserve your spot. You will register on Crowdcast our live streaming service:


Thursday, April 29th at 7 pm 

Friday, April 30th 5 pm

Please note: you will only need one ticket per viewing group, as long as you are watching from a single device.

You are welcome to "pay what you can" for tickets. This button is for donations only - to actually reserve your place on Crowdcast, click on the show dates above.

Join us for a post-show talk to meet quickly the actors in our " virtual lobby".
Virtual lobby


The class of option théâtre is a two years program where students practice theater while they learn about the history, the actuality of french theater and the different methods of acting. During the second year, they work all year long on constructing a project they choose from a selection of 5 different texts.

This year, they decided to work on humour and magic, presenting Que d'espoir! a political cabaret, composed of a series of sketches, songs and short scenes full of satirical situations around the themes of love, faith and the terrible effects of war.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Artistic Director, Michelle Haner.

2020-2021 Season