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Thank you for a fabulous year in the Arts at French American and International!

Check back soon for information about our 2019-2020 Season. See you in the fall!

2018-2019 Season

Fall Play: The Visit

The Back à Dos Fall 2018 theater production was a re-envisioning of Durrenmatt's tragicomedy THE VISIT, adapted and directed by guest artist, Steve Morgan Haskell. 

A nearby town has fallen into bankruptcy, disrepair, indeed despair. Salvation seemingly arrives when a former resident, now a billionaire, returns, promising prosperity for all. Well, almost all.

Showing: November 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17 at 7pm; November 17 at 2pm.

Winter Arts Evening

Every year, high school students have the opportunity to participate in this festive evening filled with music, art, and performance. This is a unique opportunity for our community to celebrate our students' artistic talents, both works that have been developed in class and independently.

Showing: December 7 at 5pm.

Student-Directed One Act Play Festival

A unique opportunity at our school, the One Act Play Festival is led entirely by students as part of the Back à Dos theater productions. Seniors select, envision and direct an evening of short plays.

The 2019 One Act Play Festival

The Art of What You Want by Nat Cassidy – directed by Himal McCarthy: Welcome to the world of Harris — a “bajillionaire” with the means to obtain all he desires…except, perhaps, sanity…

Serenade by Sławomir Mrożek - directed by Maya Tsingos: At night, a fox prowls in front of a henhouse, playing a quiet, beautiful song… so begins this dance between predator and victim. But who will be most deceived by the serenade?

The Best Daddy by Shel Silverstein - directed by Eli Lauze-Yesayian: When a little girl wishes for her very own pony for her Birthday, her Daddy determines to make her dream come true… or is that, rather, her worst nightmare?

Church of Satan by Leon. H. Kalyjian - directed by Charlotte Meyer: After the burning of their church the day before their wedding, a Christian couple has no choice but to accept a satanic church as the location of their big day.

Words, Words, Words by David Ives - directed by Nathalie Rathle: What happens when you combine three monkeys on typewriters in a laboratory and one scientist waiting for a copy of Shakespeare's Hamlet?

Showing: January 31, February 1, and 2 at 7pm; February 2 at 2pm.

Spring Musical: The Black Rider

Every year, our Back à Dos theater performs a full-length musical with high school students, directed by a faculty member with the support of a vocal director and musical director. Our student orchestra plays the score.

The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets
Written by Tom Waits, Robert Wilson & William S. Burroughs

Directed by Brad Cooreman, with music direction by Suzanna Sitomer and vocal direction by Melinda Becker.

A musical fable that begins when Wilhelm, a file clerk, falls in love with the huntsman’s daughter… and accepts the magic bullets that never miss their mark from a Peg-legged stranger…

Showing: March 20, 22, 24, 27 and 28.

IB Art Show

The IB Art Show celebrates the impressive portfolios of Grade 12 students IB students. The works on display showcase the fruits of a rigorous two-year investigation into a range of themes. Through in-depth experimentation, research, and reflection, students produce thought-provoking works in a range of carefully selected art media and styles, reflecting each student’s unique voice. 

Showing: March 28 at 5:00pm

French Bac Option Theater Performance

The French Bac Option Theater Performance is the culmination of classwork and theater study as part of obtaining Le Bac diploma. Students produce a full performance and perform for the school community.

Showing: May 3 at 4:30pm and at 7pm

The May Project: Electric Voices

This faculty-led project often includes more experimental work or collaborations with outside theater trainers. Students present work developed as part of Back à Dos as well as some in-class work developed as part of the IB Theater program.

Electric Voices

Developed and directed by Michelle Haner and Marie Walburg-Plouviez

An immersive, site-specific piece inspired by voices - ancient, present and imagined - related to the experience of war and its aftermath. That project will draw, in part, from materials gathered by student participants in a 2-week trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, slated for spring 2019.

This performance is a collaboration with the Yat-Bentley Center, an outside theater training center led by Tom Bentley-Fisher.

Showing: May 16 at 7pm and May 17 at 5pm 

Spring Concert

Students share their musical explorations with works practiced both in class and independently.

Showing: May 17 at 7pm

Middle School Arts Evening

Middle school students have the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents during this celebration. 

Showing: May 20 at 6pm


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