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George Orwell's 1984 & his resonance in 2020 

An evening of sharing and conversation

Saturday, September 26 - 7-8:30pm

Join cast, crew, design-team and teacher-student dramaturgs for an evening of sharing on George Orwell's 1984 (our Back à Dos spring production of March 2020). Free and open to all community members:  RSVP here

This Zoom meeting will include readings of excerpts, sharing of clips, panel discussion, and conversation. We'll invite you to break-out room dialogue on key themes we explored in our production. These include totalitarianism, protest, propaganda, censorship, language, and technology (especially in surveillance and thought-control). We're eager to share about our own journey exploring 1984, and also to hear about how George Orwell's work may resonate for you.

in March 2020, we were poised to present our Stage version of 1984, and then the pandemic closed school campuses. We planned to remount it this fall. Unfortunately, San Francisco is not allowing in-person performances and the Orwell estate does not allow digital performances, of any kind. We are so sorry not to get to share the work but we do want to share our journey and share in conversation with you.

At the event, we’ll include few clips from the following documentaries we created about our process last spring. However, as we’ll only show very short excerpts, we recommend viewing these before the September 26 event.



1984 Documentary Part 1

Starting points, themes, and rehearsals

1984 Documentary Part 2

Voices of key collaborators (cast crew, designers, collaborating teachers)