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A Digital Preview of 1984

... full production to come!

Our campus closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an abbreviated 2019-2020 season, including postponing performances of our spring production, a stage adaptation of George Orwell's 1984.  However, the Back à Dos team was not deterred, and created two short documentaries to share their unfolding work. 

The first documentary uses rehearsal footage and interviews to discuss the themes in our production. These include the place of AI and surveillance in our society; the importance of international protest and opposition movements; and, finally, the vitality of embracing and using the many freedoms we still enjoy. The second documentary integrates the voices of many collaborators, including cast, crew and designers and teachers of English, History, and Global Politics, whose classes studied 1984 and are contributing dramaturgical work to our production.

We hope these short films give you a taste of the work we've undertaken, and whet your appetite for a re-energized version of 1984 in the fall!

Please do not hesitate to reach out the Artistic Director Michelle Haner at if you have questions.

1984 Documentary Part 1- Starting Points, Themes, and Rehearsals

1984 Documentary Part 2- Voices of Key Collaborators

2019-2020 Season


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