Trout In the Classroom

Our Grade 3 students discovered the secrets of the aquatic resources! Guided by their teacher Emily and Janelle they recently connected with their watersheds thanks to the Classroom Education Aquarium Program (CEAP). 

Also known as Trout in the Classroom, CEAP is a community-based program that allows students “to experience firsthand the delicate balance needed for animals to survive in aquatic ecosystems" and is done with support from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. To participate Grade 3 classrooms set up aquariums and hatched live trout eggs, watching them grow from eggs to small fry over the course of 6 weeks. During that time the students had opportunities to make scientific observations and participate in hands-on learning about our Bay Area Watersheds, ecosystems, and aquatic plants and animals. The program culminated in a field trip to Lake Merced where we released our fry into the wild to grow and contribute to a healthy aquatic environment right here in our own backyard!

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