Diversity & Inclusion

The Community Diversity Alliance is a school-wide committee open to anyone who would like to participate and is composed of administrative staff, trustees, faculty members, parents/guardians and students. We aim to identify challenges and explore solutions; celebrate successes and discover weaknesses; test ourselves by leaning into the discomfort, and grow as individuals and as a community.

Board Resolution on Diversity

Diversity enhances learning.  Every one of our students benefits from interactions, discussions and shared activities with other students from various backgrounds, including: countries of origin; cultures and religions; ethnicities and races; family structures; income levels; learning styles; native languages; physical abilities; political beliefs; and sexual orientations.
As our mission clearly states, we “…prepare our graduates for a world in which the ability to …communicate across cultures is of paramount importance.”  Students observe how backgrounds—including their own—influence perspectives, opinions, and behaviors. A diversity of backgrounds improves classroom discussions, increases innovation, broadens how students see the world, and helps them understand how their own backgrounds, as well as others’, have influenced their views.  This is a key goal of international education, and we are committed to building a diverse school community to achieve these educational benefits.
We strive for a community of students, families, faculty, staff, administration, and Board that benefits from the nature and spirit of both the city of San Francisco and the global community. To achieve this, we will draw upon the diversity of San Francisco to enhance our own diversity.  We will encourage students from all backgrounds and countries to apply to our school, and we will enhance socioeconomic diversity through our financial assistance program.  We will recruit faculty from all over the world and we will assess diversity of background in each grade and among, faculty, staff, administration, and Board.  We strive for a rich and vibrant mix. 
In addition, we want to create a community that is accepting, supportive, inclusive and celebratory of the diversity we strive to achieve.  We want to:
  • honor the unique humanity of each individual;
  • embrace the diverse values and points of view of a truly internationally, nationally, and locally inclusive community;
  • provide a safe environment, in which freedom of expression and personal style, choice and cultural voice are encouraged and respected.
These are ambitious goals, difficult to achieve, difficult to measure. Our commitment is to reach for that exceptional vision.

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An independent Pre-K through 12th grade co-educational day school in the heart of San Francisco. The school delivers a rigorous bilingual (French/English) immersion program through middle school, culminating in either French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate program in its International High School.

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