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Bienvenue, New Teachers!
Posted 10/04/2016 02:21PM

Seven weeks after Rentrée, our new faculty members share where they joined us from--Melbourne to Paris, Toronto to San Diego, the Bay Area to London, and beyond--reflect on what they find unique about the school, and share anecdotes from the classroom and community. 

Not pictured: Alice Desert, Natalia Neerdaels, Maher Sabry, Ellison Yufenyuy

In your first few weeks, what have you found unique about the school?

The school's uniqueness seems to come from the city it resides in. The eclectic city that is San Francisco creates the school's spirit and diverse group of staff members and students. Everyone I have met at the school has his/her own story, and hearing about these stories has been unique. - Julie Rouette, Upper School Math, Toronto & Montreal

Un point particulier : le suivi. Ils ont un advisor, des psychologues à leur écoute, ils peuvent venir nous voir à notre bureau et nous poser des questions par mail à tout moment. Ce qui m'a le plus surpris ? Les élèves qui me remercient à la fin du cours. On se sent écouté et reconnu : cela n'a pas de prix. - Mickael Santinelli, Upper School Math, South of France

One unique strength of the school is the tremendous energy—of friendliness, warmth, and positivity—of everyone here; students, faculty, and administration. - Jonathan Sammartino, Upper School Psychology / English / TOK, San Diego

Everyone in the school community has made me feel incredibly welcome to both the school and the city. I have never taught at a school where all the students use iPads/laptops--what a great teaching tool it is! When I want them to, students are able to work independently and at their own pace, allowing me to direct support to students who need it most. - Stuart Dalmedo, Upper School Geography, London

La bonne entente qui règne en maternelle et le côté chaleureux et accueillant des enseignants et de l'administration. - Sonia Bleu-Laine, Lower School French (Maternelle), Berkeley & Dallas

I was very lucky to do the IB as a student, which I found both rigorous and flexible, and find International High School to be a good fit given my background. I also find the access to cutting-edge technology absolutely unique to the school. Only professional-grade hacker spaces can compete with the school's Design Lab. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to get exposed to advanced technology before college. The lab is also enabling the entire school community to work on cross-disciplinary projects that combine art and science. - Guillaume Pignol, Upper School Math, France via Houston & New York City

Is there an anecdote from the classroom or otherwise that you would like to share? 

Rob Cowen (Upper School Physics) and I have started a robotics club that meets weekly in the Design Lab. We are extremely impressed with the speed and curiosity of our students and have already made more progress in a few weeks than we thought we would in double the time. It has been very exciting to see everyone bringing their passions and interests to the lab to have fun and build robots collaboratively. - Guillaume Pignol, Upper School Math

One fun topic that came up in my Grade 9 history class when we were talking about the Gold Rush and early settlement of San Francisco was that many of the streets around us (like Gough!) have been here since the late 1800s and are named for early San Francisco settlers and community members. This got incorporated into a trivia game we did before going to visit the Wells Fargo Museum. - Jonathan Sammartino, Upper School Psychology / English / TOK

Playing soccer on Sundays with staff members and parents has been a great opportunity, not only because I'm the only girl there, but also to have the chance to be part of the community that makes up French American + International. - Julie Rouette, Upper School Math

Some of our Upper School faculty members at the new high school rooftop lounge.

"Research shows that younger children have a superior ability to learn a second language and that bilingual students tend to outperform their monolingual peers."

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