Strategic Plan

International Vision: Connecting Our Community

Grounded in our mission and values, our strategic plan guides us in realizing the potential of our international program promisecross-cultural cognition, and vibrant urban campus sustained by a proud, engaged community, and a culture of giving. Our students, families, faculty, and staff are engaged throughout the implementation of our strategic plan, just as they were in its design.


Led by our Board of Trustees and Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the planning process involved our entire school community throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. Through focus groups, community conversations, surveys, and committee meetings, we explored questions about our identity, school community, students’ experience, and financial vision. Sub-committees conducted research both within and beyond our school, the Strategic Planning Committee analyzed the data and identified key themes, and the Board determined our strategic goals. The result is an affirmation of our strengths, a vision of our promise, and a commitment to realizing it through the strategic work of the next five years.


International program promise - An academic program that enables our students to grapple with challenging concepts in the sciences and mathematics, humanities, social sciences, and arts in more than one culture

Cross-cultural cognition - A caring culture that imparts to our students the ability to navigate the world with confidence, command, empathy, and joy

Vibrant urban campus - A campus that meets the needs of our students and is an integral part of San Francisco

Proud, engaged community - A community in which parents, students, teachers, and alumni feel connection to and pride in our school

Culture of giving - A community that is continually inspired to support the aspirations of our school