Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2023–2028

Throughout the 2022–2023 school year, we will think critically and creatively about our future, participating in a strategic planning process that will yield a shared vision and strategy for the coming years. The process, led by our Board and school Leadership Team, will include a school-wide survey in September; data collection and analysis, including analysis of our accreditation and AIM survey data, throughout the fall; and focus groups in the winter months. Synthesis and planning in the spring will yield a strategic plan next summer.  

This strategic planning process is a chance to build on our school’s many strengths, honed throughout our history, while reckoning with the challenges and opportunities that we will face in the future. It will call on our mission, values, and commitment to equity as we shape a shared vision of what our school can be. During the year, we will also continue our work in diversity, equity, and inclusion, outlined in our 2022–2023 DEI plan, and this commitment will inform our strategic planning process.

Strategic Plan 2017–2022
International Vision: Connecting Our Community

Read our 2017–2022 Strategic Plan in full

Grounded in our mission and values, our strategic plan guides us in realizing the potential of our international program promisecross-cultural cognition, and vibrant urban campus sustained by a proud, engaged community, and a culture of giving. Our students, families, faculty, and staff are engaged throughout the implementation of our strategic plan, just as they were in its design.


Led by our Board of Trustees and Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the planning process involved our entire school community throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. Through focus groups, community conversations, surveys, and committee meetings, we explored questions about our identity, school community, students’ experience, and financial vision. Sub-committees conducted research both within and beyond our school, the Strategic Planning Committee analyzed the data and identified key themes, and the Board determined our strategic goals. The result is an affirmation of our strengths, a vision of our promise, and a commitment to realizing it through the strategic work of the next five years.


International program promise - An academic program that enables our students to grapple with challenging concepts in the sciences and mathematics, humanities, social sciences, and arts in more than one culture

  • Prepare our students to be adept users of evolving technologies in a global workplace while fostering creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration*, and citizenship through rigorous, student-centered instruction
  • Attract and support talented teachers from around the world and become a workplace of choice as a result of a robust professional learning and growth model
  • Cultivate our role as the leader and innovator in bilingual and global education within French, international and independent school networks
  • Communicate the distinctive PK-12 value of this education — cross-cultural cognition — and convey the value of both the bilingual PK-12 journey and the baccalaureate 9-12 journey to current and prospective families

Cross-cultural cognition - A caring culture that imparts to our students the ability to navigate the world with confidence, command, empathy, and joy

  • Convey to our school community and to our local, national, and international networks the importance of bilingualism as a tool for developing cross-cultural cognition — the ability to think, feel, and act in more than one culture
  • Increase our focus on diversity and inclusion by creating developmentally appropriate programming for students and families and strengthening our practices across the school
  • Support our students’ social-emotional learning across all grade levels by implementing a consistent SEL curriculum in the Lower and Middle Schools, strengthening Middle and High School advisory programming, and coordinating our counseling and learning support services
  • Ensure that our school values are reflected in our interactions and communications within and beyond our school community

Vibrant urban campus - A campus that meets the needs of our students and is an integral part of San Francisco

  • Create an Urban Engagement Program that complements our Global Travel Program and connects us to our city, linking global learning to local action at every grade level through experiences in the arts, civic life, service and social justice, urban environmentalism, and business and entrepreneurship
  • Establish more visual connection between the separate physical spaces at our Oak Campus
  • Build additional, flexible activity and athletics spaces
  • Design and develop improved learning spaces for our adolescent students, including a dedicated building for International High School and more flexible, innovative spaces for our Middle School students

Proud, engaged community - A community in which parents, students, teachers, and alumni feel connection to and pride in our school

  • Cultivate pride by guiding our families’ journey through our school and communicating effectively with them
  • Partner with an active, supportive Parents Association to develop ways for all families to be connected to and supportive of our school
  • Appreciate our teachers by fostering a community of ongoing learning, respect, and collegiality and by providing competitive compensation and benefits
  • Develop a robust alumni program that sustains a sense of community beyond graduation for our students and their families

Culture of giving - A community that is continually inspired to support the aspirations of our school

  • Foster leadership and support from our Board, both in giving and advocacy
  • Increase participation and absolute giving levels for all our constituents
  • Establish greater outreach and connection to our alumni
  • Adopt excellence in stewardship so that our donors feel well-thanked and recognized for their generosity