Board of Trustees

Dedicating their time, expertise, and resources for the long-term benefit of French American + International.

Our Board of Trustees map and maintain the course of our school. Trustees are charged with protecting the mission and values of our school, as well as ensuring French American and International's long-term fiscal health and vitality, and successful fulfillment of our mission. The Board is responsible for providing the highest level of leadership and support around issues of critical policy, and works closely with the Head of School. The Board does not get involved in the day-to-day affairs of the school, disciplinary or personnel issues, or administrative decisions—which are the responsibility of the Head of School. Trustees act as stewards and ambassadors of our school. 


Board Leadership

Amy Baghdadi, Chair
Cassandra Costello
, Vice Chair
Sambou Makalou, Vice Chair
Philippe Grenier, Secretary
Karen Schmid, Treasurer

Honorary Trustee
Frédéric Jung, Consul Général de France