Working at French American + International opens up a myriad of opportunities—both personal and professional. Critical to our Strategic Plan in creating a proud, engaged community, we appreciate our faculty and staff by fostering a community of ongoing learning, respect and collegiality and by providing competitive compensation and benefits. 

Guided by the principles of academic rigor and diversity, French American + International offers programs of study in French and English to prepare its graduates for a world in which the ability to think critically and to communicate across cultures is of paramount importance.


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Fee Disclosures for Visa Program: A General Summary of Fees and Other Costs

As a part of the Visa Program for International Teachers recruited through the Visa Program, French American International School covers the costs of the following fees: Sponsor fee; foreign or domestic third party or partner fees; visa fees and Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fees and costs associated with an extension.

Additional information about expected and anticipated costs include:

  • Monthly insurance costs for individual: Medical $0-289.86; Dental $0; Vision $0
  • Monthly insurance costs for family: Medical $2,309.98-3,523.69; Dental $122.93; Vision $15.91
  • Average monthly food cost for individual: $371
  • Monthly housing costs: approximately $1,500 - $2,000 for 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment
  • Local transportation costs: up to $98 per month
  • Expected work-related deductions: Union dues 1.4% or Agency Fees 1.25% of salary
  • An optional 5% payment into the 403(b) retirement plan option is required in order to receive the School's 5% match
  • Estimated additional fees related to participation in the teacher exchange program: none