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Lower School
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Lower School Athletics
High School Athletics 
Urban Engagement

Scott Paton

Upper School Humanities

Amanda Patterson

Internship Coordinator

Daniel Paz

Upper School Spanish

Mika Pejovic

Upper School Sciences

Matthew Perifano

Upper School Film and Video

Claire Petit

Upper School History/Geography

Guillaume Pignol

Upper School Mathematics

Nathalie Plecy

Lower School Coordinator

Marie Plouviez

Upper School Theater

Melissa Polansky

Lower School 1st Grade English

Alex Porte

After School Program Monitor

Frederic Prieur

Upper School P.E

Donna Rabin

Upper School English

Morgan Ranger

Lower School French

Colette Retournard

Lower School 1st Grade French

Ashley Rochman

Director of College Counseling

Lisa Rodgers

Lower School Teacher's Assistant

Mario Rossetti

Athletic Coordinator

Julie Rouette

Upper School Mathematics

Nathalie Roussille

Lower School 2nd Grade French

Esmira Rustamova

Library Assistant

Susanne Salhab

Upper School English

Florian Salle

Lower School French

Jenny Sandelson

Lower School PreK 3-4 English

Nancy Saussac

Upper School Sciences

Laurent Scotto Di Uccio

Lower School 5th Grade English, Lower School Student Civic Engagement Coordinator

Audrey Seigneur

Teacher Substitute

Martine Sheppard

Business Office Assistant

Boris Simon

Library Aide LS / MS

David Singham

After School Program Monitor

Maia Skolko

Physical Education Teacher

Mariam Sleiman

Advancement Associate

Keelee Smith

Director of Marketing / Communications

Rebecca Smith

After School Program Monitor

Vanina Solans

Lower School PreK 3 Assistant

Karina Solomonik

Upper School Math & Economics Teacher
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