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Front Desk: Main Campus 415-558-2000; Maternelle 415-231-5733
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Lower School Athletics
High School Athletics 
Urban Engagement

Rahaf Abuobeid

Upper School Arabic

Alejandro Adam

Substitute Lower School Long Term

Laurence Agnola

Lower School K Assistant

Sophia Ahmed

Lower School Assistant Principal

Barri Aji

Middle School Counselor

Mauricio Albrizzio

Upper School Sciences

Amichi Amar

Substitute Design Technology

Katia Aouat

Upper School French

John Assoko

Upper School Math

Jonathan Ayres

Upper School English

Barbara Bandy

Upper School Stage Craft
Upper School Stage Craft

Ligeia Barajas-Garcia

Maternelle Coordinator

Matthew Barrett

Lower School Student Supervisor

Muriel Barton

Upper School French

Antonina Belorusets

Athletic Conditioning Coach

Melinda Bihn

Head of School

Sonia Bleu-Laine

Lower School PreK 3 French

Christine Bois

Upper School Sciences

Francois Bonnaz

Upper School History Geography

Paul Bonnel

Middle School Dean

Catherine Boucher

French Pedagogical Coordinator

Marcy Bougon

Lower School 1st & 4th Grade English

Sébastien Bourret

Upper School Mathematics

Morgane Breton

Lower School French Teacher

Andrew Brown

Dean of Admission

Rachel Byerley

Teacher's Aid - Temp

Marie Cecile Caillet

Lower School PreK 4 Assistant

Minakshi Capur

Upper School English

Val Casilang

Accounting Manager

Nicholas Chang

After School Program Monitor

Philippe Charpantier

Lower School Technology Coordinator

Sharo Chen

Upper School Chinese

Stacey Chien

After School Program Monitor

Katia Claude

Lower School K Assistant

Dereke Clements

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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