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Extended Care Program Registration and Payment Options

For parents with children in grades PK-8 who are enrolled in the Extended Care Program. The program offers payment options that fit your needs.

Child's Information

Payment Options

There are 2 payment options available, each offering you unique savings for after school child care. Please select the payment plan that best fits your needs.
  • Hourly FACTS: $8.50/hour. You must have a valid FACTS plan or create one prior to selecting this plan. Sign up HERE by September 15 at the latest.
  • The YEARLY PLAN ($2,900) is payable by check or through the Payment Portal by September 15 at the latest. The Yearly Plan includes all After School Program + Vacation Care (excluding Soccer Intensive). Must be paid in full by September 15.
If you select payment by check, please make check payable to French American International School and mail to: "French American International School | 150 Oak Street | San Francisco, CA 94102 | Attn: Teresa Nguyen" or drop off in person at reception.​​​​​
If you selected the $8.50/hr FACTS plan, please estimate the number of hours you will need after school childcare and, based on that estimate, indicate the amount desired for monthly withdrawal (minimum $50). Enter that dollar amount in the field below:​​​​​​​​
For any questions or assistance with this form or the options wherein contained, please contact Teresa Nguyen at (415) 558-2032 or teresan@frenchamericansf.org