Admissions Process

Admissions Process for International High School

All applications begin with the Ravenna portal, our online application site that helps you track your application progress, register for events, submit your application and view admission decisions. It's easy to create your Ravenna account.

Below, you will find our admissions process laid out step-by-step. You will also find more details on Ravenna. With any questions, please feel welcome to reach out to us.

Step 1

Create a Ravenna account.

On Ravenna, you can explore our school, register for admissions events, and submit an application. 

Step 2

Register for an Admissions Event.

Sunday Open House
Register on Ravenna for a Sunday Open House. Our Sunday Open Houses provide an exciting overview of the school's academic, athletic, arts, and global travel programs, and provide an opportunity to meet our faculty, current students, and families on the campus.

Parent-Principal Classroom Tour 
Parents/Guardians may also sign up on Ravenna for a lively informational session with our high school Principal that includes visiting multiple classrooms in action. We open our doors in this intimate way because our parents delight in witnessing the high levels of thinking and engagement generated by our talented teachers from all over the world. 

Step 3

Schedule a Shadow Visit and Interview

The student shadow visit includes a campus tour with a member of the Admission Team and participation in two classes.  Please sign up for a visit through Ravenna-Hub. Shadow visits begin on September 16 and conclude on January 9, 2020.

An interview is required of all applicants. The interview schedule will be available in October through Ravenna-Hub.

Step 4

Register for a Standardized Test

Our school code for the SSAT is 3274 and for the ISEE is 052943. We also accept the following tests: CTP 4, SAT 9, and CAASPP. PSAT results are required for all transfer applicants. It is recommended that students take the SSAT or ISEE by January 2020.

The IELTS or TOEFL (our code is 8841) is required for non-native English speakers who are applying to the international section. The following minimum scores are recommended for successful integration to a rigorous academic program in which English is the primary language of instruction.  IELTS: 6.0-6.5. TOEFL: 94 (internet-based test), 45 (paper-based test).

Step 5

Request Recommendation Forms

Separate recommendation forms need to be completed by the following:

  • Your current Principal/Counselor
  • Your current English teacher 
  • Your current Math teacher

Through Ravenna-Hub you will delegate the forms to your specific teachers who will submit them electronically.

Step 6

Submit Your Application

Submit your application through Ravenna-Hub by January 9, 2020. All application materials must by submitted by the deadline.

Step 7

Request Official Transcripts

Your parents/guardians must complete the Transcript Release Form and give it to your school counselor or registrar to request your seventh grade and eighth grade transcripts. The transcripts can be scanned and uploaded to Ravenna-Hub or mailed in a sealed envelope to International by the application deadline.

International Applicants

International Applicants

International High School welcomes applications from international students. International offers challenging and rigorous academic programs which require a high level of fluency in English and/or French. For more information on our academic programs please visit the Academic Programs section of the website.

The school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

The school does not currently have boarding facilities for students. Applicants from outside the US must meet the same requirements as local applicants.

Documents to be submitted

1. Parent/Guardian Application and Statement - Please create a Ravenna account to access.

2. $100 Application and Processing Fee - Payable online

3. Student Application - also available through Ravenna

4. Official transcript for the past two years – Please submit the Transcript Release Form to your current school and have the school send transcripts stamped with the school's official seal along with the signed transcript release form. Please send these documents directly to the Admissions Office at International High School. All transcripts must be translated into English and original copies in the native language must be included.

5. Letters of Recommendation from a current: mathematics teacher, English teacher and one school administrator. These recommendations must be submitted online through Ravenna.

6. Results from the TOEFL (our code is 8841) or IELTS. The required minimum scores for applicants are: IELTS: 6.0 ‐ 6.5 and TOEFL: 94 (internet‐based test), 450 (paper‐based test). In addition to the above requirements, all applicants must interview via Skype or telephone with a member of the Admissions team.

F-1 Student Visa for International Students

International students who need the F-1 Student Visa will receive the I - 20 Form from International after they submit their enrollment forms and non-refundable enrollment fees of $3000. For more information on the F-1 Student Visa process you can visit the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System website. Payment of full tuition is due before the student arrives for school.

Here's an outline of our admissions timeline:

August: Admissions process begins. Registration for events begin.

September: Shadow visits, parent tours, and open houses begin. Meet admissions representatives at regional fairs.

October: First Sunday Open House. Student interviews begin.

November: Second Sunday Open House.

December: Diversity Night.

January: Shadow visits conclude and applications are due.

March: Admissions decision released on Ravenna. Re-visit week for admitted students.

May: Class of 2024 Welcome!

August: School year begins.

For exact dates, please visit the Ravenna portal.