Student Support

Sometimes, the most valuable things our students learn aren’t found in a curriculum.

Long before our students major in Political Science or Engineering, they need to major in themselves. The journey to uncover and really embrace the authentic self is critical to the success of a child. From the first day of school to graduation, our students are growing socially and emotionally, building their resilience, and starting to forge their path in the world. At our school, they will find a well-developed plan for such personal development, and will also find in their school counselors a listening ear, an endless cheerleader, and a pillar of support. At French American + International, students learn to build strong relationships, seek balance and manage stress, meet challenges head-on, and eventually graduate with a host of individually defined successes. 

Learning Services

The learning specialists are dedicated to collaborating with students, teachers, and families to support the learning process when it doesn't proceed as expected, and help students reach their full academic potential. Teachers serve as the primary resource for students in the classroom and meet children where they are, developmentally and academically. If a student encounters academic difficulty and needs additional support, learning services will be provided to supplement the work done in the classroom or help identify a more significant issue.

Learning support services include classroom observations, analysis of student work, screenings to assess areas of strength and difficulty, small group and individual support sessions, in-class and at-home strategy development, access to resources and workshops, and collaboration with the teaching team, administrators, parents, and outside professionals when contracted by the family.

The Learning Specialists can help students:

  • become more active, engaged learners
  • develop strategies to improve time management, organization, and study skills
  • set explicit timetables for daily assignments and long-term projects
  • set goals to monitor comprehension and completion of assignment
  • establish routines at school and at home to improve academic performance
  • play to their strengths and shore up their weaknesses through development of metacognitive skills
  • effectively advocate for themselves in different learning settings

Examples of accommodations at French American may include:

  • Extended time on school and standardized tests
  • Extra breaks during testing
  • A separate, quiet room to take tests
  • The use of calculator during tests
  • The use of a portable word processor or computer during examinations and class lectures
  • Peer tutoring
  • Use of assistive technology software

The learning specialist can also provide families with referrals to qualified and experienced evaluators, psycho-educational therapists, and tutors practicing outside the school setting.

Counseling Services

Services Include:

  • Drop-in counseling
  • Brief individual counseling
  • Enhancing communication and problem-solving between students
  • Consultations with teaching team
  • Consultation with parents
  • Brief psychological assessments/screenings
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Liaison with and/or referral to outside mental health providers
  • Crisis intervention
  • Study skills workshops
  • In-class Social and Emotional Learning Program
  • In-class sex education program
  • In-class bullying prevention program
  • Parent education sessions

School counseling services are confidential with the exception of requirements regulated by law pertaining to child protection.


In harmony with other support services, the Advisory program provides students with daily contact and guidance from seasoned Advisors. A student can go to an Advisor with a host of questions or concerns on a wide rages of topics including: academic choices, social interactions, extra-curricular options, exam preparation, retreats, community service opportunities, clubs, homework, and much more. Essentially, the student-Advisor relationship is designed for students as they navigate the waters of their school experience.

Every students'  biggest fan: 

 Lilita Matison
Lower School Counselor

Amélie Dufaut
Grades K-2 Learning Specialist

Olatokunbo Fashoyin
Grades 3-5 Learning Specialist

Mylène Stanziani Fortier
Middle School Learning Specialist

Jason Holzheimer
Middle School Learning Specialist

Barri Aji
Middle School Counselor


Traci Everett
High School Learning Specialist


Carri Martino-Jacobs
High School Counselor