Educating the Whole Person

Developing a sense of both self and community.

While the middle years are an academic bridge between our Lower School and High School, they are also the time in which students begin to forge their identities. Fueled by adolescent energy, they not only hone how they learn, but also who they are. Our programming supports wholistic development.

Exploration Classes

All middle school students have the option to pursue a passion, discover a new interest, or try something unfamiliar in the low-risk environment of Exploration Classes. In these classes, there are no grades and no homework assignments. The goal of these classes is to cultivate students’ curiosity and love of learning in a hands-on environment where self-expression and collaboration are emphasized. 

Our students’ growing intellectual independence is fostered by an Advisory Program that provides supportive relationships and guidance for our early adolescents.

Our Advisory Program creates a safe, fun, and engaging space for students to grow personally, socially, and intellectually, building upon our community to strengthen each student’s sense of belonging. Advisory activities are designed to foster a shared culture of empathy, belonging, and responsible citizenship in our school. Advisory groups and grade levels also follow a sequenced program in health and wellness, and we incorporate health, yoga, and mindfulness practices into our students’ weekly PE curriculum.

Extracurricular Programs 
Equally important to the collaborative, cross-disciplinary work our students undertake in the classroom is the opportunity for them to express their voice and choice in their learning. Our middle school students are full of joy and energy, and are budding activists, artists, and athletes. We encourage our students to take risks, be innovative, and explore new interests and passions.

Middle school extracurricular programs are places to explore the arts, join sports teams, and learn to collaborate and compete. Opportunities such as student government, service- learning projects, exploration classes, and affinity groups allow students to shape their path and develop their voices, preparing them for real-world choices and challenges.