The best of U.S. and French education.

Our curriculum provides a rigorous bilingual academic curriculum that blends the best practices of the U.S education system with the high standards of the French national curriculum, the Cycle System. 

In France, Middle School (Collège) is a four year program of study that includes two cycles: Cycle 3 and Cycle 4. The fourth year, troisième, is the equivalent of Grade 9 in the U.S. system.

Cycle 3: Transitioning from Lower School to Middle School

U.S. Grade: 6
French Equivalent: 6e (sixième)
French Immersion: Approximately 70% 

Grade 6 is viewed as a year of adaptation between Lower School and Middle School, Cycle 3 and Cycle 4. It is the culmination of Cycle 3, a gentle, age appropriate preparation for the rigors and more sophisticated expectations of Cycle 4.

Cycle 4: Exploration and Consolidation

U.S. Grades: 7 and 8
French Equivalents: 5e (cinquiéme) and 4e (quatriéme)
French Immersion: Approximately 70%

In French schools all over the world, at the end of troisième students take national examinations called the Brevet des collèges. At French American, most of our Grade 8 students continue in our French Track at our International High School and take the Brevet in Grade 9. The Brevet is the poetic culmination, and validation, of a ten year bilingual quest.

Curriculum Highlights