Middle School

Students hone not only how they learn, but also who they are.

Our faculty is composed of experts in early adolescence. Students are supported as they gain independence, get organized, and adapt to their new middle school environment, while navigating a daily menu of academic subjects.

As students progress through the school, they learn to communicate in at least three languages, study mathematics in two languages, participate in a rich array of arts, athletics, and travel programs, engage in local and global service learning projects, and further develop strong critical thinking skills within a challenging, engaging curriculum. In the Middle School, 60% of instruction takes place in French, 30% is in English, and 10% is in the student’s chosen third language. 

Students have different teachers for each subject: English, French, Histoire-Geographie, Math, Science, Third Language, PE, Art, Music, and Theater. Starting in Grade 7, students also take Physique-Chimie, and Grade 8, add  two additional classes: Making Media and US History.

By the end of Grade 8, students are fully bilingual, reading and analyzing both Victor Hugo and Shakespeare, and giving fluent oral presentations in both languages.

Our students take advantage of the many opportunities for leadership, engage in service-learning projects in their local and global communities, and continue to develop strong critical thinking skills within a rigorous program across the disciplines. Students are encouraged to explore new interests and passions, develop their global citizenship, and become more independent.

"As they learn who they are, they come to understand the world they live in—and how they plan to change that world."

Fabrice Urrizalqui,
Middle School Principal