The principle anchors of our program.

Our early learning center focuses on developing communication skills through the speech and comprehension of languages and through behavior in a social context; developing body and mind through physical education and artistic activities (such as dancing, singing, drawing); and, enhancing interest and natural curiosity through playful activities, field trips, hands-on projects, and group work.

Overall, students learn what it means to be a successful student among a community of classmates. Students learn to respect rules and others, listen, cooperate, participate, focus, help, and ask for help. At the same time, students develop self-confidence, self-control and autonomy. 

Cycle 1: The first steps in a gently unfolding bilingual education with a world view.

Our bilingual, academic curriculum blends the best practices of the U.S education system with the high standards of the French national curriculum, the Cycle System. Cycle 1 of the Cycle System guides a child's learning in our Maternelle.

U.S. Grades: Pre-K (Age 2), Pre-K (Age 3), Pre-K (Age 4), and Kindergarten
French Equivalent: Petite Section, Moyenne Section, Grande Section
French Immersion: 80%

Our program is differentiated.

We recognize that not all children learn in the same way. When we say that our program is differentiated, we mean that we provide each of our students with different ways of learning and understanding new information, based on what works best for each child. In this way, students gain confidence in their own ability to learn and succeed.

In our Maternelle, we adapt to different learning needs by offering a number of age-appropriate methods: learning by playing, thinking, solving problems, practicing, remembering, and memorizing. Through guided and free activities, students develop fine and large motor skills. Vocabulary, syntax, and the rhythm of language are built through daily verbal interactions in the classroom, in the context of physical activities, and through stories, art, dance, and music. Gently, and in incremental steps, the children socialize and develop autonomy. This is the prerequisite for the critical thinking skills that will emerge in later years, and are at the core of our school’s mission.

Our Five Learning Domains