Where learning comes alive.

In France, early learning centers are referred to as "Maternelle." Our Maternelle is a unique bilingual immersion environment beginning at age 2 for PK2, PK3, PK4, and Kindergarten students. Initially, students benefit from classes that are conducted in French 80%-90% of the time. As younger children have a distinct capacity to learn another language, we watch our students go from zero French to age-appropriate ability by the end of Kindergarten. Upon entering the Lower School, our students are communicating, understanding, and responding in French. The benefits of this linguistic acquisition last a lifetime. Research has shown that bilinguals are better at problem solving, creative thinking, connecting with other cultures, and are more prepared for the workforce of the future.

In our Maternelle, children transition from the security of home and begin a journey towards independence in a loving and nurturing environment. Our program is differentiated, hands-on, and child-centered, and teaches children to work together while developing their own personalities. Classrooms are bright and colorful, opening into expansive, shared spaces which blur the lines between work and play. Teachers pay close attention to the linguistic and social-emotional development of each student, warmly encouraging critical thinking, active exchange, and cooperation.

"Here at French American International School, we believe in a community of learners where we learn together and from each other. Not only do we consider each child in her/his individuality but we give each other space to express ourselves, to learn and grow together."

Sirika Yong,
Maternelle Teacher