Social-Emotional Learning

Teachers pay close attention to the development of each student.

While warmly encouraging critical thinking, active exchange, and cooperation, our teachers take special care of each child's linguistic and social emotional development.

Students interact in deeply meaningful ways with each other, becoming interested in peers and developing trusting relationships. Students feel a part of the classroom, are more comfortable in school, and are building a community.

The techniques used in the classroom are also implemented in the After School Program, ensuring consistency and creating a more cohesive structure and integrated experience for students, teachers, and staff.

In Kindergarten classrooms at the Maternelle, and in Lower School and Middle School classrooms, teachers utilize the research-based Responsive Classroom approach. This approach provides a safe, challenging, and joyful climate for students throughout their years at French American. All of our students’ needs—academic, social, emotional, and physical—are important and recognized in this approach to teaching and learning.

Our educators attend trainings throughout the school year to ensure new and innovative teaching pedagogies, like Responsive Classroom, reach our classrooms.

Just Ask Our Students:

"We're all interacting with each other—we're not stuck in our own little world. We are interested and listen to other people. You really have to get to know other people." - Sylvia

"Teachers understand us, and give us time to do the thing we like so we're more motivated to learn." - Mina

"We're all hyped up from lunch— trading food, talking to friends, it's very loud—so when we come back to class, we're still excited. Our teachers give us quiet time so we can calm down and get back to class and learning, I like quiet time. I think it's good for us." - Jordan