The best of U.S. and French education.

Our curriculum provides a rigorous bilingual academic curriculum that blends the best practices of the U.S education system with the high standards of the French national curriculum, the Cycle System. 

The bilingual approach has specific objectives: by the end of Cycle 1 (Kindergarten), students begin to read in English. By the end of Cycle 2 (Grade 3), students read in both English and French. By the end of Cycle 3 (Grade 6), students are capable of tackling any academic subject in both languages, and are prepared for middle school and beyond with solid study habits and learning strategies.

Cycle 2: Fundamental Skills

U.S. Grades: Grades 1-3
French Equivalent: CP, CE1, CE2
French Immersion:  80% in Grades 1 and 2, 50% in Grade 3

In Grades 1 and 2, students continue to develop and acquire fundamental skills. With ever-increasing autonomy, our students establish and consolidate their oral, reading and writing skills in both languages, while exploring other units of study. At our school, students continue to learn through the French language 80% of the time in Grades 1 and  2, and make the move to a 50% split between the languages in Grade 3. This transition equips students with enough vocabulary, structure, and competency in understanding and expressing themselves to tackle any academic subject in Grades 3-5. 

Cycle 3: In-Depth Study

U.S. Grades: Grades 4-6
French Equivalent: CM1, CM2, 6ème
French Immersion:  Approx. 50% (plus specialty classes in French)

In Grades 3 through 5, students explore language arts, math, science, history, geography, and the arts at a much deeper level than previously. These are the years where balanced bilingualism is honed, with students spending approximately 58% of their classroom time in French, including specialty classes. Essential concepts are introduced in Grade 3, reinforced in Grade 4, and mastered in Grade 5. Experiencing two distinct national approaches to the same subject broadens students’ understanding of how another culture views the world.

Curriculum Highlights