International Baccalaureate

Personalize your education based on your interests.

Your IB Diploma is highly customizable, giving you the opportunity to select 6 subjects unique to your interests. Over the course of Grade 11 and Grade 12, you will study literature, mathematics, at least one experimental science, at least one subject in the “individuals and societies” category, and a second language. But, you have options. In choosing your subjects you can emphasize your strengths and passions, and select classes that are novel and adventurous. Maybe you want to be a scientist, diplomat, or an artist. Maybe you're drawn to another field entirely. No matter your interests, you can personalize your IB Courses based on who you are.

"Highly selective institutions like Stanford perceive IB students as strongly prepared, capable, ready to take on the challenges of the curriculum that we offer. When we see an IB student's application, we light up." -Assistant Dean of Admission at Stanford University, Debra Von Bargen

Proven Results

Research finds IB programs to have a positive impact on student preparedness for college, career and civic life.

IB Facts

The IB was developed in Geneva 50 years ago to allow students in international schools to obtain a rigorous credential that would be recognized around the world.

International High School was the 4th school in the U.S. authorized to deliver the full IB Diploma Program, of over 1,300 in the U.S. today.

Compared to AP classes, IB classes and assessments tend to involve more research, writing, and hands-on evaluation over rote learning and standardized tests.

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"A great thing about the IB is that you can delve deep into topics that truly interest you, and the teachers here encourage you to apply any sort of prior knowledge you might possess."- Julian '19
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Choose your subject level.

You can play to your strengths by selecting at least three of your chosen subjects at High Level (HL) for a more in-depth study, while maintaining varied studies with three subjects at Standard Level (SL). Most courses that we offer can be studied at either SL or HL.

IB Courses