High School Voices

Meet Iona '19

"Through the IB program, I chose to investigate gentrification in San Francisco, an issue with deep meaning to me. I collected my own data and carried out environmental quality surveys."

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Meet Fatoumata '19

"Being bilingual has helped me develop my passion for literature. I believe that language is the essence of a culture, and each culture has its own approach to literature."

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Meet Sophie '21

"Being on a sports team is like a welcoming path into high school. By the time I started my Freshman year, I already had a wonderful group of friends in my grade, and also this super special connection to the upper-classmen."

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Meet Julian '19

"A great thing about the IB diploma is that you can delve deep into topics that truly interest you, and the teachers here encourage you to apply any sort of prior knowledge you might possess."

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Meet Justin '20

"I went on the trips to Taiwan and China & Tibet to deepen my understanding of Chinese language. Although it is a difficult language to learn, and I had not studied it before my freshman year, I have loved every step of the way."

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Meet Max '19

"Being in the French Bac I have been able to travel all over the world without having to worry about readjusting to new programs. Since the program is set by the French government, it is the same everywhere in the world."

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Meet Natalie '19

"With a plethora of opportunities at International, I have been able to exquisitely pursue creative, academic, and career-oriented interests."

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