French Baccalauréat

Personalize your education based on your interests.

About a quarter of students at International High School choose to continue their studies in French and prepare for the French Baccalauréat (Le Bac). After preparatory courses in Grade 9 (Classe de 3ème) and Grade 10 (Classe de 2nde), students pursuing Le Bac compose a personalized schedule that combines required core courses and selected in-depth specialty courses. This customization reflects individual strengths, future college aspirations, and passions.

At International, all students in the French Track prepare for the Baccalauréat Général. Students take a required 7 shared core courses and select 5 specialty courses over the two-year period of Grade 11 and Grade 12. They all have the opportunity to choose to take the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB) section Américaine, which emphasizes their French-American bilingualism.

Le Bac Courses

A Shared Core


Grade 11

Grade 12













English (LVI) and Foreign Language (LVII)

5h (2h)

5h (2h)




Digital and Scientific Humanities



Specialty: Mathématiques

The Mathematics speciality allows students to explore and use math as a tool across a number of fields, such as: algebra, geometry, analysis, statistics, algorithms, and programming. The course also includes the history of mathematics, providing a lens through which to identify the evolution of core mathematical theories, enabling students to have a broader understanding of the material. 

In the course, the use of software, modeling tools, and simulation programs encourages experimentation and practical use. The class promotes cross-curriculum interactions with other subjects such as chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, social studies, and economics.

Specialty: Sciences économiques et sociales

The Economics and Social Sciences specialty deepens students' mastery of the concepts of economics, sociology and political science by analyzing the major issues in today’s societies. This course contributes to improving students’ economic and sociological understanding through the study of microeconomics and fundamentals of economy, and by proposing a multidisciplinary approach that relies notably on the social sciences.

Specialty: Sciences de la vie et de la Terre

The Earth and Life Sciences (or Biology) specialty explores the themes of the Earth and its environment, the human body and health, and natural evolution. The program helps students develop skills of observation, experimentation, model-building, analysis and debating - all of which are indispensable to pursue a higher education or career in these fields of study. This specialty explores the following scientific themes: Life on Earth, biodiversity, evolution, ecosystems, ecology, and the history of the Earth. It also provides students with a better understanding of the functioning of their own body, combining scientific concepts with a reflexion on one’s personal health, as well as an ethical and civic reflection of public health and the environment. This specialty draws from and builds upon previously acquired knowledge in physics, chemistry, math, and computer science.

Specialty: Physique/Chimie

The Physics-Chemistry specialty offers students the opportunity to explore the real world, from microscopic to macroscopic, by studying the organization and transformations of matter, movement, energy, waves and signals. Students will use the two founding aspects of the discipline, experimentation and modeling, leading to the mathematical formulation of validated physical laws. The many fields of application in both everyday life and related to major societal issues (energy, environment) give students a concrete, living and current picture of physics and chemistry.

Specialty: Humanités, littérature et philosophie

The Humanities, Literature and Philosophy specialty offers the study of literature and philosophy from all eras through a variety of texts in order to refine students thought process, culture and knowledge. It is based on several major philosophical themes that have accompanied humanity, from ancient Greece to the modern world. This class develops the students’ ability to analyze points of view, to formulate a reasoned personal reflection, and to debate issues that are relevant to the major issues of humanity.

French Track

The French Baccalauréat speaks volumes to the sheer excellence of the education in our French Track—and also the camaraderie and sense of belonging—that many of our highest performing students in the French Track come from families where French is not spoken at home.

Just Ask Our Students:

"Being in the French Bac, I have been able to travel all over the world without having to worry about readjusting to new programs. Since the program is set by the French government, it is the same everywhere in the world. Thanks to this, last year I was able to take a whole semester abroad in Madrid with a smooth scholastic transition."
- Max '19
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