Campus Reopening 2020-2021

Plans for welcoming students and teachers in August

In our planning for reopening campus in August, we are relying on information from national and local health and education authorities, as well as our international and independent school networks. Recent guidelines from the city have indicated that we will need to plan to start the school year in Remote Learning for Kindergarten- Grade 12, but hope to be able to transition to on-campus classes as soon as possible. Therefore, we have created a range of scenarios, with the ability to pivot among them as needed. 

As we continue to work through every detail of our return to campus, we acknowledge that success in slowing and limiting the spread of the virus will depend on all of us. We can do our part to reconfigure spaces, to accommodate physical distancing, and to install new handwashing stations. But we must also recognize that safety is a shared responsibility—a social contract we make with each other. Therefore, we ask all families to be especially careful during the two weeks prior to our return to campus; please minimize contact outside of your immediate family and limit travel.

We have created an FAQ document to help answer questions you may have about our return to campus, and will continue to update this document, as well as this page, as we have more information.

Principles for our Planning

All of our planning for the return to campus is guided by these principles:

  • We are committed to the well-being and learning of our students, families, faculty, and staff, and to the long-term strength and advancement of our school
  • We recognize the importance of the on-campus experience, especially for our youngest students and their families
  • We therefore aim to have our youngest students on campus as much as possible while providing all our students with regular on-campus time with their teachers
  • As we implement measures to reopen school while mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and promoting the health of all, we commit to advancing equity and social justice in our diverse, urban community.

School-wide Details

Three Possible Scenarios for Reopening

Scenario 1: Campus open, physical distancing not required

Scenario 2: Campus open, physical distancing and smaller groups required, Hybrid Learning in upper grades

Scenario 3: Campus closure, Remote Learning

Section-specific Schedules, Scenario 2

Section-specific Schedules, Scenario 3