Travel the globe.

Every year, our students participate in unforgettable trips and exchanges all over the world.


Lead the way.

We don't offer a big selection of clubs to join. Our students do.



It’s not the successes. It’s the character traits that lead to the successes.


Journey to independence.

In our Maternelle, children transition from the security of home in a loving and nurturing environment.


Learn new languages.

Our Pre-K through Grade 8 bilingual immersion program prepares students for an inter-connected future.


Earn a world-class degree.

The International Baccalaureate and French Baccalauréat are two-year, academically rigorous mini-degree programs.


Express yourself.

Arts are a vibrant, integral part of our community and student life.


Think Internationally.

Global education has been at the heart of our mission since our founding 60 years ago. 



The Bay Area’s International School

French American and International has been leading the way in bilingual and International Baccalaureate education since 1962. We are the Bay Area's world-class school for rigorous, multilingual, and global education, developing cross-cultural learners in a vibrant and international urban community. We inspire students to discover themselves, pursue their passions, and think internationally.

We are called International
for a reason. 

Every year, our students have the opportunity to participate in unforgettable trips all over the globe. These experiences—inextricably shared yet deeply personal—are full of transformative learning moments that truly embody our school’s mission and values. 

Each destination has a specific theme and focus—athletic, linguistic, or scientific—but all have a cultural and service learning dimension. They provide extraordinary opportunities to enhance our students' globally-focused education outside the classroom and enrich their linguistic proficiency.

Parent Voices

“The International Baccalaureate program at International is a rigorous, inquiry-based, collaborative program in the heart of San Francisco, and has been an amazing growth experience for our high schooler. And it's such a thrill to see our 3rd grader fluently speak in both French and English with friends from around the world."

Ahmed K. Khaishgi
Parent, '24 and '32

“Our family chose French American and International for the gift of a bilingual education at a young age. The school and its community have given us so much more–enduring friendships, the surprises of global travel, finding joy in the challenge of scholarship–for which we are forever grateful."

Amanda Kahn-Kirby
Parent, '23 and '27

“The multicultural curriculum has been instrumental in honing our three children's language skills and in giving them a global perspective. The emphasis on diversity and cultural exchange has broadened their perspectives and nurtured a deep appreciation for different cultures.”

Parent, '25, '27, '29

“We continue to be impressed at how well-rounded the educational experience is, with equally great teachers and curriculum depth in the arts and STEM. Ultimately, what has brought our family the most joy has been how supportive, caring, and intellectually engaged the student/parent community is.”

Parent, '31 and '34

International High School: 
The Movie

Edited down from more than fifteen hours of footage, International High School: The Movie is a peek inside the world of our high schoolers. It captures the vibrant atmosphere of our Oak Street campus in Hayes Valley, and the diverse perspectives and experiences of our students. There are no adult talking heads, just our students taking center stage. 

Click unmute and get ready to be inspired. Spoiler alert: our high school students are not shy about who they are, declaring in the end, "We are International!" 

French American and International: Fast Facts


students PK3-Grade 12


nationalities represented by our families


students of color


students without French in the home


French nationals


students receiving financial aid


faculty with advanced degrees


average class size


pass rate for the IB (77% national average)


pass rate, 94% with honors, for the French Bac


acceptances at 178 colleges, Class of 2023


international trips in Grades 5-12


student athletes across 61 teams in Grades 4-12


students in 26 theater performances


students enrolled in the music conservatory

Meet our Students

Hamilton Chang '31

“I play soccer, basketball, baseball, and flag football at school. I love that most of the time a lot of my friends join the teams. This year, I’m on a basketball team with most of my friends, and it's so fun because we all get to play together. My favorite thing about French American is you learn new things every day, and you can meet new friends each day.”

Aiya Baghdadi '24

“My trip to Senegal was life-changing because we got to experience another culture and way of life that was so different from mine and yet so accepting of me and who I was even if they didn’t know me, and then just sharing joy with complete strangers. The children were so happy–it just really opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

Maya Ng '28

“My favorite part of coming to school is being able to be interactive in our academics: being able to go to class and not only learn but talk with our classmates about what it is that we’re learning. All of the academics are very interactive, and they challenge me to be a better student.”

Nairobi Smith '24

“I’m not sure what the future will look like for me but I attended a student diversity leadership conference last year with a few students from International High School and it was amazing. I met other independent school students from all across the country and we had conversations about identity and what that looked like through the education system. It makes me think about my passion and the impact that I can have and being a voice for many.”

Hank Wilson '27

“I study French, Spanish and English. Learning multiple languages, I feel like I’ve been able to connect with more people. Knowing other languages, I think, helps you get closer to a lot of people. Sometimes my friends and I will have a conversation in Spanish just to speak Spanish, which I feel is really cool.”

Chiara Volpi '24

“I’ve definitely learned how valuable it is to be open-minded and to be curious. I’ve gone to International Baccalaureate schools my whole life, and so it’s always something that’s been ingrained in me: to come up with your own thoughts, your own ideas, and your own opinions and that’s more valuable than taking something and then regurgitating it back out."

Our Team of International Teachers

Aicha Idelcadi | FRANCE

I really enjoy teaching art at French American because it’s an amazing way to introduce my students to new aspects of the wide, diverse world by exploring different artists, movements, ideas, and cultures. It’s amazing to follow students from 1st to 5th grade as they develop their creativity, critical thinking skills, and confidence, and I appreciate how our school encourages this aspect of our students' development from an early age.

Scott Paton | USA & TAHITI

I am international. I grew up in Africa, Asia, and Europe, attending international schools.  It fostered in me a vital way of appreciating and thriving in a dynamic world. Even learning languages was fun because it offered insights into other ways of thinking and living! Global perspectives train us to embrace diversity. In our community, we revel in learning from others and gain strength working together. Through the study of history, I challenge my students to analyze respectfully and critically and to communicate persuasively. In turn, I thrive in nurturing their confidence in navigating complexity. We are International.

Minashki Capur | INDIA

What makes International High School unique among all the schools I have taught in over the years is the mindful nurturing of a sense of community through all the subjects taught by all the teachers. My goal as a teacher of Literature is more than just the analysis of novels and poems: it is the raising of awareness among my students of their place in the world and a recognition of a sense of purpose as they see themselves as connected to others as having a common humanity, both in the present and across time.

And the Global Travel program that the school supports is the best way to deliver a truly International education!

Chloe Gaillot | FRANCE

I love teaching at French American and International because the school provides an amazing opportunity for our students to grow in a bilingual environment. Witnessing my 8-year-old students speaking fluently in French and English is extraordinary. Teaching here has shown me that bilingualism is not only about speaking two languages but also about applying them to enhance critical thinking and mental flexibility. My students bring me joy and help me grow–they are the reason why I love my profession!

Laurent Scotto di Uccio | FRANCE

As a History/Geography teacher at International High School, I find that the most exciting thing in my work–way beyond teaching dates, maps, and concepts–is to witness the personal understanding of the students about the past and the meaningful connections they make with the world in which they are growing up. Making these connections through a multicultural perspective on History, using critical thinking, and showing a profound respect toward everyone's identity and history is, by far for me, the most exciting thing about what’s happening in the classroom here at International! And that’s why I love to teach here!

Rahaf Abuobeid | SYRIA

What started as a “give it a try” has become one of the essential sources of my continuous passion for language learning and teaching and has nourished the international part of my identity. The intimate setting of our smaller classes allows me to witness the profound impact of personalized guidance on our students. Together, we embark on our journey of linguistic and cultural discovery, unlocking the intricate tapestry of Arabic's rich history and eloquence. Guiding our students’ diverse minds through the linguistic labyrinth is not just a duty; it's a joyous endeavor, where every lesson is an opportunity to ignite a lifelong love affair with the beauty of the Arabic language and its culture.

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    French American International School and International High School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.